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Ryan Ring

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Tired of Working from home? Consider a Coworking Space Near You

Working from home can sound like a dream. It might seem like waking up and getting to work in your pj’s, sitting at your own kitchen table with your pets and children in ears reach would be great. Anyone who hasn’t tried to work from home might think this is a perfect situation. However, give it a week and you’ll see that it’s not always as good as it seems. Although most people love being home, it’s not the ideal environment to get work done. There are so many distractions, not to mention that comfy bed in your room, beckoning you to take a “power nap”. The shows you recorded last night are calling your name, and it can be hard to resist them. With all of these disruptions, it can be really difficult to get any work done. With a coworking space, you rid yourself of all these distractions and can get down to work. Here are some other benefits to working from a coworking space.

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How to Transition Your Business Into a Coworking Space

So you’ve decided to move your business to a coworking space. What should you expect? Since you’ve already made the decision to move over to a shared working space, I’m sure you’re aware of the many benefits. Now it’s time to look into how to prepare for the transition. There’s a big difference between working in a private office and a coworking space. There’s also a big difference between working from home and moving into a coworking space. Regardless of which situation you’re coming from, here are some things you should expect to get used to when you move in.

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Is Shared Office Space a Smart Decision for Startups?

Startups and shared working spaces are a match made in heaven. It’s easy to see why these two concepts work together well. Both are atypical, outside- the-box approaches at the working norm. Hootsuite, Instagram , Uber, Duolingo, Weebly, Spotify, and Indiegogo are all tech giants that started out by using coworking spaces. If that list isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few reasons why startups and shared working spaces go hand in hand.

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The Benefits of Coworking Space vs. Working From Home

Coworking spaces are the newest innovation in work environments. If you’re used to working from either an office or at home, you might not be familiar with the concept yet. A Coworking space is basically a shared office space, available to and used by individuals who don’t typically work for the same organization. Walking into a Coworking space, you might see the owner of an interior design firm picking out swatches online, sitting next to a defense attorney working on her next case. It’s a unique environment designed to foster productivity and innovation. You might be wondering why these people decided to invest in a coworking space rather than just working at home, or setting up their laptop at a coffee shop. Here are a few of the main benefits of coworking spaces.

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Amenities You Should Expect Out Of A Co-working Space

If you are just learning about co-working spaces then you may not have a clear idea of what types of amenities you should expect. There is a wide range of co-working spaces available so you need to have a list of requirements before you make a decision. This list will also help you narrow down your options before you go take tours of facilities. The amenities you should expect out of a co-working space include connectivity, easy access, room to work, and some of the comforts of home.

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Choosing A Co-working Space In The City Vs Suburbs

Co-working spaces continue to grow in popularity. They are now available in the middle of most big cities and in the suburbs of many of those cities. If you are considering a co-working space for the times you work remotely you may be debating whether you should look for a space in the city or the suburbs. The answer depends on whether you need to be in the city, if there is a co-working space near your home, and what you can afford.

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