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Ryan Ring

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Why So Many Startups Are Choosing To Work From Coworking Spaces

There’s a certain appeal to working for a startup that attracts thousands of applicants from around the world to apply for their open job positions. Startups are small businesses that usually come from a non-traditional way thinking. People who work 9-5 jobs from a cubicle can tell you that this environment can be wearing day after day.

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Why A Coworking Space Is Better Than Working From A Cafe

For a small business, renting out an entire office space isn’t always an option at first. Even if it is financially possible, it’s not usually necessary when first starting out. Nowadays with everyone working from laptops, tablets and cell phones, it can be easy to work from home, or run your entire company from a table at your local Starbucks or cafe. While this might seem like the most convenient option since chances are it’s close to your home, and free, there are some downsides to working from a cafe. A coworking space is the perfect combination of affordability and efficiency. Here are a few reasons why coworking is better than working from your local coffee shop.

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3 Advantages Coworking Has Over Working From Home

If you just started a business, chances are you’re working from home to start out. This often seems like the most convenient option since, well, you’re already there. It probably doesn’t really make sense for you to rent out an entire office space for a business that you run by yourself, or with a few partners. However, working from home isn’t as ideal as it might sound. While rolling out of bed and checking your email over a bowl of cereal, still wearing your comfty PJ’s might seem like a dream to people who spend all day in a cubicle, it’s not a realistic picture of what working from home is really like. A coworking space is a great middle ground between a huge office space, and a laptop on your dining room table. There are some huge advantages coworking has over working from home, and some of them can be incredibly important to the path your company is headed on.

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3 Problems With Working From Home That Coworking Solves

Working from home seems like an ideal situation...for someone who’s never tried it before. Sure it might seem nice to just roll out of bed and get to work without having to worry about what to wear or getting rid of your bedhead. However, with working from home, the cons much outweigh the pros. In this new age of startups and small businesses, the invention of coworking spaces has filled a gap in the office space industry. It provides the perfect middle ground between a huge, costly office space and working from your bed with your laptop and phone. There used to be almost no other options out there for someone who’s company wasn’t big enough to warrant an office suite, yet. Here are some of the ways coworking has solved the issues small business owners used to be forced to deal with while working from home.

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What Perks Does Coworking Come With?

If you’re thinking about renting a coworking space, chances are you’re not happy with your current place of business. Whether you’re working from home, from a coffee shop, or you’re paying for a big office suite, there are certain perks coworking has over all of them. One of the main benefits of coworking is the efficiency of it. It provides the professionalism of an office space without forcing you to waste funds on too much space, if you’re still a small business with only a few employees. Here are some of the other perks that come along with renting a coworking space.

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How Coworking Saves You Money

One of the most difficult parts of owning or managing a small business is handling the finances. While you might technically be in charge and able to make all the decisions when it comes down to how your funds are spent, the responsibility can be hard to carry. Every choice needs to be researched and weighed against all the other options to make sure you’re getting the most for your dollar. Office space is no different. It’s another huge factor you’ll have to consider when you run a business. Coworking is a great option to consider. There are a few different ways that working out of a shared space can save you and your business money. In this blog we’ve listed a few of the factors that will save you money when you transition into a coworking space:

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