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What To Look For When You Tour A Coworking Space

If you’ve decided to start working from a coworking space, congratulations. You’ve taken a proactive step towards improving your productivity at work. As someone who has the freedom to work from wherever they choose, deciding to invest in a dedicated outside workspace is something that not everyone in your position chooses to do. It shows that you’re serious about your work and you want to get as much out of every work day as possible. This is a great decision, and we’re sure you’ll see the benefits of it for years to come, as your business grows.

The first step to getting to work in your new coworking space, is choosing the right one. Living in the bay area, more options for coworking spaces are popping up every day. It’s important to choose one that’s right for you, and provides all that you’ll need to get things done.

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Why Coworking Is The Smart Choice For Small Businesses


Small business owners have to be smart. It’s important for you to work twice as smart and twice as hard as anyone that works for your corporate competitors because you need to get a leg up in the industry. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make as the owner is where to work from. This decision can be huge because if you choose to work from somewhere that’s less than professional, it can look bad for your company, and make clients wary about jumping onboard. On the other hand, if you overspend on office space that’s too big for your company, you can go broke paying these crazy Bay Area rent prices before you even get going. 

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How To Act Professionally In A Coworking Space


If you’ve decided to operate from a coworking space, congratulations and welcome! You’ve chosen an option that combines practicality and professionalism. Coworking is the wave of the future, and we’re already starting to see a coworking spike in the Bay Area. You might be a little nervous about your first day at your coworking space, and that’s perfectly fine. Here’s a little overview on how to act politely and professionally at your new “office”.

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What's Included In A Coworking Space?


If you’re a small business owner, you probably do a ton of research. You research products to see which ones sell the best. You research areas, and demographics to get to know your customers. One of the biggest research tasks a business owner faces is researching where to locate their home base. This can be a difficult choice to make, especially for a brand new company. If you’ve decided to work on your new business full time, you want to have a dedicated space where all you do is work. However, if you’re the only employee there or one of a few, you might not be ready to rent an entire office suite.   Coworking is a great middle ground. If you’re currently researching options for your central office location, here is some information about what’s included.

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3 Ways Coworking Makes You A Better Worker


The bay area is a business hub. It’s always been a bustling area full of business people, but in the past few years it’s become absolutely jam-packed with startup employees, tech executives and small business owners. As anyone in the area knows, there are ups and downs to this change. One of the biggest issues we’re dealing with now are rising costs, especially in housing and office space rentals. That’s where coworking comes in to save the day.

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3 Ways Coworking Might Lower Your Costs


Managing your finances and saving costs wherever possible is an important part of any business. No matter if you’re a huge corporation or a small startup, being responsible with your spending is essential. While your business is growing, analyzing your spending often is important because wasted funds can lead to the downfall of your company. In the bay area, rising costs are an issue for essentially every small business. Having a company in one of the largest business hubs can be a huge benefit, but making sure that you stay on top of spending is vital to making sure you can still afford to run without having to relocate.

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