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Lessons about branding from Yogi Berra

Elements of a brand.
If you are an entrepreneur working from home or in a shared office space or coworking space ready to launch your startup, you have no doubt given thought to the matter of your brand. Products have them, celebrities have them, athletes have them. Some are known only regionally and some are world famous. What does it take to have an enduring brand?

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Looking For a Coworking Space in the Bay Area? Make Sure to Consider Your Food Options

 If you’re looking for a coworking space in the Bay Area, location is probably your top priority. Maybe you’re looking for convenient public transportation, or easy access to major cities. But what about food? Everyone has to eat, and it’s important to look for a coworking space that isn’t located in a “food desert.” Whether you’re scheduling lunch with a client or just need a break from your day, you need to have good food options nearby. If you are considering a coworking space in the East Bay, then there are plenty of great restaurants right here in Dublin.

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How to Tell if You Need a Coworking Space or a Traditional Office Space in Dublin

 Can’t decide if you need a coworking space or traditional office space in Dublin? Each office type has its own benefits and will suit every professional differently. If you thrive in a quiet environment where you can concentrate on your work without a friendly “hello” from someone walking by, a traditional space may be beneficial.

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Frequently Traveling Around the Bay Area? Consider a Dublin Coworking Space

If you travel to the Bay Area frequently, Dublin is a great place to find a coworking space. Centrally located to many hotspots in the Bay Area, Dublin is the second fastest-growing city in the state of California and is situated just 35 miles from San Francisco. 

Why choose a coworking space in Dublin?

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What Personality Types Thrive in Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces are changing the way the world does business. In the past, entrepreneurs would often work from their home office, away from like-minded people. Now, spaces where people can go and work alongside other entrepreneurs,

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Why a Shared Office Space Is Perfect For the Self Employed

Self-employment is a dream come true for many business-minded individuals. The idea of working from home or in a personal office is romantic, but there is something missing: the social aspect of a work environment.

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