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3 Tips For A Successful Coworking Experience

Posted on Oct 15, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

3 Tips For A Successful Coworking Experience | 580 Executive Center

If you’ve decided to move into a coworking space, congratulations. You’ve made a proactive step to improve your work life, and become an even more motivated worker. You might be a little apprehensive about your first day walking into the coworking space. Any big change to your work schedule or routine can be a little bit daunting at first.

One of the best ways to eliminate stress going into a new situation is to prepare yourself with as much information as possible beforehand. We’ve put together a few rules that you can keep in mind in order to have the best possible time in your coworking space. Read over these tips before you go in, and you’ll have a little more information about how to function well in your new environment.

Meet Your Coworkers

We understand that a lot of remote workers and people in general are introverted. If you’re not in the mood to meet people, you can utilize one of our more private work areas. However, one of the best perks of using a coworking space is the opportunity to meet and network with people from all walks of life, and professional backgrounds. The wide variety of people you can meet in a coworking space can be a help to your business and might even end up being personal friends. Taking advantage of this opportunity usually leads to people being much happier with their coworking experience, but again...no pressure.

Keep Your Space Tidy

One rule that helps any shared space function well is “Keep your own space clean”. If everyone in the coworking space cleans up after themselves, the space should stay relatively clean. Of course, the coworking space will have a staff and cleaning crew to vacuum and clean surfaces as well, but try not to take up too much space by spreading out unnecessarily, and leaving papers or supplies lying around in areas that you’re not using anymore. Clearing an area whenever your done is the basic rule of thumb, and following it will keep you and your coworkers much happier.

Know The Perks

There are many extras that come along with a coworking space. After all, it isn’t just a huge empty space. Knowing all of the different perks you can take advantage of will help you make the most of your time. Any supplies that you’d expect from a normal office should be around for you to use, including fax machines, scanners, printers and fast wiFi. On top of that, there should be conference rooms available for you to rent, for when you have a client that you need to impress, or a presentation that you need to make to a contractor or other members of your team. Any good coworking space will also provide coffee, so that you don’t have to leave the space every time you need a refill on your americano. Make sure you ask about all the extras available so that you don’t waste time or your own resources on something that comes as a packaged deal with your new coworking space.

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