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3 Reasons Why Remote Workers Should Join Dublin, CA’s Premier Coworking Space

Posted on Jan 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

3 Reasons Why Remote Workers Should Join Dublin, CA’s Premier Coworking Space | 580 Executive Center

Is it just me, or is contract work becoming more and more prevalent in recent years? As our society shifts into an almost completely online world, more jobs are starting to become flexible about where they’re actually located. Designers, writers, editors, marketing professionals...the list goes on and on of positions that in the past were required to be in house, and are now free to move about the country, as long as they have a strong internet connection.

We can even have important meetings from anywhere in the world without sacrificing a thing, with the innovation and improvement of video calls. If you’re a remote worker, the choice of where to work is yours, and when the options are endless, it can be hard to know if you’re making the best choice. Let me solve that problem for you right now: coworking spaces are the absolute best places for remote workers to get their work done. Here are a few reasons why:


Spaces To Fit Your Needs

Speaking of those wonderful video conference meetings, have you ever tried to take part in one from your local Starbucks. If so, it was probably a nightmare. Coffee grinders and orders being made and babies crying, oh my. Not to mention the ever present fight for a good spot, near an open outlet for your laptop. The bottom line is: although coffee shops can be fine for a quick email or two, they’re not designed to meet the needs of remote workers.

Coworking spaces are. Any good coworking space will have strong wifi connectivity, different seating areas to accommodate the type of work you’re doing that day (open seating for networking, quiet areas for “crunch time”), not to mention phone booths and closed off rooms where you can make your video calls in complete peace.

Networking Opportunities

One of the few downsides to remote work is that it can be isolating at times. Traditional offices typically come along with coworkers who you meet on a regular basis over the water cooler and discuss projects, ideas and maybe even a realty tv show you saw. The sense of community can be beneficial in making your workday a little less stressful, and can even help with collaborative projects. Coworking provides those same networking opportunities, without the cubicles. Meet creative and interesting people at your coworking space, and get to know them. They might be just the person you need to talk to in the near future.


What’s the one thing you need to get your work done every day? For me, it’s a latte. Actually, for many people it’s that caffeine boost in the morning, and maybe even halfway through the day as well. When we built our coworking space, we knew that we would need to provide everything our coworkers need to get their jobs done without having to leave the space, and that includes unlimited, free coffee drinks. On top of your morning buzz, we also provide printers, scanners, copiers, pens, pencils...basically anything you can think of to make your workday go smoothly.

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