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3 Problems That Coworking Solves

Posted on Jul 29, 2018 3:42:00 PM by Ryan Ring

3 Problems That Coworking Solves | 580 Executive Center

Coworking is becoming more popular than ever. This innovative way of working is changing the way people look at work, as well as solving many of the issues that traditional workspaces cause. On top of that, coworking also solves a lot of issues that remote workers have with working from home, or even working from a cafe. If you’re a small business owner or a contract worker with the freedom to work wherever you can get an internet connection, you should absolutely consider working from a coworking space. Here are a few of the issues that coworking fixes.

Rising Rent Costs

If you live in the Bay Area, I don’t have to tell you how expensive it can be to rent a workspace. Renting an office space anywhere in the area can be incredibly pricey, and if you’re the only person on your team, there’s not really a reason why you should have an entire office suite to yourself.

Coworking is a cost effective way to work from a designated and efficient work space without having to pay for all that extra space. We know that working from home is not an option for some business owners, especially those of you who need a space to meet with clients or investors. We have all the amenities that you need to make that professional first impression, including conference rooms and phone booths.

Lack Of Focus

A lot of contract workers will tell you that working from home isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sure, you no longer have a grueling commute, or a reason to fuss with your hair every morning, but there is one issue that plagues contract workers more than any other: a lack of motivation and focus. It can be difficult to transition into “work mode” if you’re in the same exact spot where you just binged Game Of Thrones the night before. And working from a cafe isn’t much of an improvement. With all that noise, and all the distractions, it can be hard to bunker down and get tasks done. Adding a place into your life that is dedicated as a place of work can actually help you transition in and out of work mode a lot easier, allowing you to get more work done, and leave it behind when it’s time to head home for another HBO-athon.

Internet Speed

We’ve all been there before: you’re working on an important presentation on Google Docs when all of the sudden, the worst thing possible happens. Your internet connection cuts out. Now you’re not sure when the last time you saved your document was, and you’ve lost a huge chunk of work. Instead of that paranoid ctrl+s-ing ever 2 second, you need to upgrade your internet speed. Coworking spaces know that there’s basically no working without a fast wifi connection, so we always make sure that we have the sufficient amount of routers and the best speed possible in order to keep everyone connected. This way you can count on your Skype call with that potential business partner to run smoothly all the way through.

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