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An Inside Look At 580 Executive Center's Co-working Space

When we started 580 Executive Center, we made sure to create different areas for specific purposes. We know that no two work days look exactly the same for anyone working remote, so we made sure to model the center with the different types of work you might be doing as the weeks go by. On top of that, we understand that a shared space can have it’s challenges if not planned out correctly. With that in mind, here are the different features you’ll find as you walk through 580 Executive Center.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having a Virtual Office in the Bay Area?

If you own a business, you already know how huge of a hub the Bay Area is. The list of huge companies that started here goes on and on (Apple, HP, Cisco, and Google just to name a few). There are many reasons that make the Bay Area a great place to run a business, but not everyone lives close enough to operate out of a bay area office. Even if you live across the country, you can still have the reputation and benefits enjoyed by a local San Francisco area company? How is this possible? By using a virtual office service.

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Why Coworking Is Easier Than Working From A Cafe

Coffee shops have been around for decades now. Back in the 70’s they usually looked more like diners, with full menus and waitresses that walked around refilling mugs. In the 90’s they became more popular for casual hangs with friends, and french style pastries. In the 2010’s, they’ve become something different. Crowded, loud places that most people are trying to get in and out of as quickly as possible. In the early 2000’s, it might’ve been a great option to work from a coffee shop, because they were free, quiet, and had plenty of areas for you to sit. However, that has changed as we near 2020.

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Why Should I Rent A Coworking Space When Working From Home Is Free?

Anyone who works remotely or owns a business knows one thing: saving money is important. Even if you like to spend on little luxuries in your personal life, spending money in regards to business needs to be more well thought out. Instead of just opting into things right away, you probably take a while to think about whether or not this investment is worth the money you’re about to spend.

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3 Tips For A Successful Coworking Experience

If you’ve decided to move into a coworking space, congratulations. You’ve made a proactive step to improve your work life, and become an even more motivated worker. You might be a little apprehensive about your first day walking into the coworking space. Any big change to your work schedule or routine can be a little bit daunting at first.

One of the best ways to eliminate stress going into a new situation is to prepare yourself with as much information as possible beforehand. We’ve put together a few rules that you can keep in mind in order to have the best possible time in your coworking space. Read over these tips before you go in, and you’ll have a little more information about how to function well in your new environment.

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The Advantages of Coworking Over Working From Home

If you work from home you’ve probably heard this a million times: “Wow you work from home? You’re so lucky! You get to work from your bed, in your pajamas!”. You might nod and laugh when someone suggests this, but in reality, you know that working from home isn’t always as easy as it might sound. While you might be able to get away with throwing your hair up in a messy bun, or snacking on postmates while you work, there are some downsides to working from your home. The biggest complaint we hear from remote workers is by far a lack of motivation. When you’re essentially the only one who is keeping track of your time, it can be hard to motivate yourself to keep on task, or even get up on time in the morning.

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